Harder Kulm


Harder Kulm


Views over Interlaken, the place "between the lakes".  An ideal short excursion in order to catch a glimpse of the Jungfrau region and gather a few ideas for your next excursion. 

The 735-meter climb from Interlaken Ost, up through the woods, past the game park to Harder Kulm is done the easy way, by cable car. And the picturesque restaurant with red slate roof and small tower is discovered right next to the footbridge that divides the two lakes of the airy viewing platform. 

Harder is also a starting point for mountain hikes, direction Augstmatthorn for example, or on one of the forest trails back to Interlaken – while the more sportive climb the Harder and take the railway back!



Altitude: 1322m


From Interlaken Ost on foot to the Harder-Bahn railway (7 minutes), funicular rail to Harder Kulm


View: Over Interlaken to three-star Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau; Brienz and Thun lakes


Attractions: Pending triangular viewing platform


Culinary aspects: Pavillion-style restaurant with wholesome foods

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